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Today I will Show You Some Softwares So You Can Use Trial Versions Forever......

Date Cracker

A Freeware called Date Cracker 2000 allows you to just that. It allows you to extend the trial of your favorite software to virtually any date in the future.

Having said that, Date Cracker is the program that the Software industry doesn’t want you to know about. Well using Date cracker is as simple as making a cup of Coffee. Just follow the instructions and in a few moments you will be using favorite trial software for as long as you wish.
  • Install Date Cracker and open it up from the Start Menu
  • Click Add
  • Add the description for your program.
  • Click the [...] Button at the bottom of the window.
  • Search for the executable of the file that you wish to crack.
  • Set the Simulated Run Date to any date you wish.
  • Click Run.
Well that was easy wasn’t it. Here are a few things I suggest you keep in mind before using Date Cracker.
  • Run the Software you wish to crack via Date Cracker when you first run it.
  • Date should be entered in the format : YYYY/MM/DD
Well that is it. Try it on stuff you have lying around in your Hard disk. Let me know if it works for you

thanks ankit agrawal fot this tricks

Download Date Cracker

Crack or find any serial for what you want(softwares,games etc).. This is the simplest way to find serials for all program or any other thing(anything), crack any serial for any program,games & lots of more...

Let us see how?

There is simple code for it you can basically keep in mind '94FBR'(code)

In the event you require to find the serial for Windows XP Professional type in google search...

"Windows XP Professional" 94FBR followed by enter key.

In the event you require to find the serial for MS OFFICE 2007 type in google search...

"MS OFFICE 2007"94FBR followed by enter key.

Find any mp3 file which u require to listen to or download ...

There is an another trick for locating mp3 files on web...
Let us see how?

There is simple code for it you can basically keep in mind
If u require to find songs of enrique or any particular artist/movie type in google search or any search which u like:

"index of/" "i like it" .mp3

BY ankit

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Today I am going to teach you how to track strange email and find out the place where he/she has been sent

Let’s started

Step 1. For this task got to your or

Step 2. Now I am going to LOG IN my yahoo mail

Step 3. Click “Inbox” open the email which you want to track..

Step 4. In yahoo we will see the "Action" button at right side scroll and click " vi

Step 5. In gmail you will see the " arrow " near "reply buttom click there scroll & click "show orginal"....

Step 6. Now search the word "received:from" by click ctrl + f.

Step 7. Now what you should do is copy the ip address that is (**.**.***.**) as seen above the screen shot .. same process for gmail too.

Step 8. Copy the ip address go to and paste the ip address there.

Step 9. Now you can see the location, country,zip code, time zone as well as area code.

Thanks for watching this articles

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Do you know how to find pending friends request on facebook? If you do not know then I am going to show you this technique.

Step 1. Go to FACEBOOK

Step2. Click “Account” (Right side of your screen)> “Edit friends”.

Step3.On the left of your screen Click “Invite friends” button...

Step4.Click “view all invitations”

Step5. Now you will see the person emails who have not accepted your friends Request.

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Export Email Addresses of all your Facebook Friends?

Today in this tutorial I am going to show how to download or import your friend’s facebook address easily.

For these methods you should have to familiar with yahoo account.

Either you sign up or get from friends.

Let started

Step1:- Go to

Step2:- Log in

Step3:- Click “Tools” then “Import..”

Step4:- Click “Facebook icons” or other to import from “Gmail” or “MSN”

Step5:- Enter you facebook User name & password

Step6:- Click “okay”

Step7:- Click “Done:” & again click at “Tools”

Step8:- Again click at “Tools”and click “Export..”

Step9:- choose “Microsoft Outlook:” & click “Export now”

Step10:- “Types the words” then click “Export now” then click “ok” for save..

Finally you have got your all facebook friends address!!


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