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In recent time there are many e-businesses is started to drive e-business smoothly. There should need a advertising pr promotion. For the promotion web many software company started to produces advertising software like: email marketing, banner converter, link exchange.

 1...Advantage of advertisement software:

1. Get more traffic and increase unique visitor’s day b y day

2. Easy to promote your services and products to your clients and customer

3. New customer are found day by day

4. Maximum chance to get more popular in short time


2...Disadvantage of advertisement software:

1. Some affiliate program may delay this software

2. Some software company may spoil you e-business



Last word:

Beware from piracy



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Well, there are a huge number of people in the world who is very backward in IT and internet. Today i am going to share some feature of Gmail and it’s used for modern technology. I am published this article for those who are new in computer.
Latest new email service is provided by
Gmail is a service provide by Google .com best search engine in the world. Well in Gmail you can receive and sent email, photo, videos, application etc. There is much other different company which is competition with Gmail like: yahoo, msn, AOL etc .in recent time Gmail is popular all over the world because its news feature. Gmail and Google are launched by two guys of usa.
The feature of Gmail
1. You can save email up to 2 GB
2. Photo, video, application sharing on Gmail is faster than any other email provider.
3. Fast access by various browsers
4. Any browser catches it
5. Provide huge protection for user of important mail.

The products of Google:

1. search engine sites

2. email provider by Google

3.       Google chromo: new browser

4.       Google adsense: earn extra money



This is things o know from Google. If other than plz sent me, marketing is cheap and easy to  marketing your products services an blogs too.

2.every things you up-to-date is automatic alert to your millions of subscription

with a click

3.due to email marketing no one would be far from you latest update news of you blogs or sites marketing is quick and fast methods of marketing

5.if you keep 24 hours up date of you sites then it always knock the user to open your site

6.75% of global famous sites using “subscription”buttom to get more email for marketing of the disadvantage of email marketing is that don't make a user inbox full by sending lot of email. it get more risky to be on spam folder

8.thousand of email marketing sites is waiting for promotion you sites on globle internet.

9.if you want more visitor or email than put subscriber buttom on the top of site which make user eye catch to write and asked  every user to drop email and name to get on home page or in quick phase.

10.well email marketing is created by different software.  Some  site make it self with the help of ASP,sQL .

Last word:

If you think for jump on e-commerce than don’t forget email-marking tools to promote


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There is various methods to download youtube video but this methods it easy
And simple Follow are the step by step methods:


First, download or Open a window in your internet google,msn or yahoo search then type “total converter”.


download the total converter.


Save the total converter


Then if it’s already finished and downloaded in your computer, go to you desktop then make a new folder, rename it with ‘Youtube videos’.


then type the URL,


another tab typing the URL,


choice your video or search in Youtube.


Copy the URL of the video then go to the other tab which is the


Paste the URL to the box on the savevid then click download. The title of your Video will appear below, once it appeared click the download.


A download window will appear, click to ‘desktop’ then type video001.avi then click ok. Wait until it is downloaded to your desktop. (downloading time is moderately fast).


Once it’s already downloaded to your desktop as AVI, go to your computers start menu then go to the programs then find and click total converter.


Once the total converter appeared, browse programs in the total converter then click on the Youtube videos folder. This is where the location where your converted videos are saved.


Then move your mouse to the video00 in your desktop then right click and drag it to the total converter. Make sure that you should save youtube folder


A window will appear, click AVI, then click MPEG4AVI (if you want other formate then choice from the list of software)


After that, click CONVERT, You already have the video in your youtube video folder.


Thanks if you like comments otherwise throw it from mind

what is ADwords?

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well, AdWords are the process of making advertisement on different categories on google. it is provide by google. different company pay high-low prices for the google to adveristment on their product and services and business. they agree with different price so there is not actual price rate . google make  it secret. talk about AdWords all the different sites and blogs ad is came from AdWords,. in another word AdWords are the advertiser and AdSense are the publisher. so google give chance to blogger to make extra money  through the publisher of advertiser on blogs. in my view google AdWords are the right place for for advertiser for new one. which gave chance to meet right clients and customer for products .service and business

thank you 

what is adwords?

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well.firstly know about meta tags you should know about what is Mata tags?
in my view meta tags are that kinds of world and sentence which help to identified powerful search engine like: google, etc. the powerful search engine show result by the help of every sites and blogs meta tags only. most of people think that by putting mega tags the search engine make a high traffic. its a wrong becoz you should also submit to different search engine to promote. for submit sites i will discuss later about it. if you are not any web developer or designer and programmer that be sure that mega tags is put by html tags(hyper-text-mark-language). it no need any software and application it work in note pad. foe putting the mega tags its simple, easy and fast.

in the present time there are lots of afflicated programs for marketing there products and service . google adsense is also one of the famous program which provide us chance to earn extra income for your college fee or other. it is free  is for everyone and worldwide.the main theme of adsense is that it provide us some ad and put in our blog or site and it pay us when some clickes at our blog or site. it is also called"payperclick"(ppp) it means pay when click is done. the main job of our is have strong promoition idea becoz more promotiom more click and more money.the unique techology of google adsense is that it provide ad as our contents is . for eg:
if your blogs is about car than it provide different ads related to car like: carshop,carinsurance,carparts,carwheel and  so one due to this unique techoholgy google is famous on the world. there is different obtion for put ad you can put in any place of your sites like : corner,at top of page,slide area,head of web so on. the best idea is in the top of sites

the google pay when the balance is reach at $100 throught travell cheuque or as a demand from UMI and also from bank a/c . many of online jober did this program and earn 1000$ per month also.

the basic and important rule of adsense is
1. don't modify google ad code
2.don't put content on porn,drugs,alcholic, and negative things
3.don't used any software that make auto click .
4.don't put any code on public site
5.don't click your own blogs ad