Website Translation

in the present time there are lots of afflicated programs for marketing there products and service . google adsense is also one of the famous program which provide us chance to earn extra income for your college fee or other. it is free  is for everyone and worldwide.the main theme of adsense is that it provide us some ad and put in our blog or site and it pay us when some clickes at our blog or site. it is also called"payperclick"(ppp) it means pay when click is done. the main job of our is have strong promoition idea becoz more promotiom more click and more money.the unique techology of google adsense is that it provide ad as our contents is . for eg:
if your blogs is about car than it provide different ads related to car like: carshop,carinsurance,carparts,carwheel and  so one due to this unique techoholgy google is famous on the world. there is different obtion for put ad you can put in any place of your sites like : corner,at top of page,slide area,head of web so on. the best idea is in the top of sites

the google pay when the balance is reach at $100 throught travell cheuque or as a demand from UMI and also from bank a/c . many of online jober did this program and earn 1000$ per month also.

the basic and important rule of adsense is
1. don't modify google ad code
2.don't put content on porn,drugs,alcholic, and negative things
3.don't used any software that make auto click .
4.don't put any code on public site
5.don't click your own blogs ad