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Well, there are a huge number of people in the world who is very backward in IT and internet. Today i am going to share some feature of Gmail and it’s used for modern technology. I am published this article for those who are new in computer.
Latest new email service is provided by
Gmail is a service provide by Google .com best search engine in the world. Well in Gmail you can receive and sent email, photo, videos, application etc. There is much other different company which is competition with Gmail like: yahoo, msn, AOL etc .in recent time Gmail is popular all over the world because its news feature. Gmail and Google are launched by two guys of usa.
The feature of Gmail
1. You can save email up to 2 GB
2. Photo, video, application sharing on Gmail is faster than any other email provider.
3. Fast access by various browsers
4. Any browser catches it
5. Provide huge protection for user of important mail.

The products of Google:

1. search engine sites

2. email provider by Google

3.       Google chromo: new browser

4.       Google adsense: earn extra money



This is things o know from Google. If other than plz sent me,