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Online Tips Guru: 5 offline ways to promote your blogs and site:- Web Informer Button

5 offline ways to promote your blogs and site:-
1. Email marketing:-
This concept used in various sites and blogs. This method is excellent to promote your sites (products and services).if you collect more email address and name of visitors then you can achieve more profit from site. This is also called newsletter and subscribe ways .you can sent every updated of your sites and blogs to you visitors with email. The visitors came from this methods is called target or interest visitors Because for e.g;if you sites is about coffee then they may be interest on coffee . so that they leave their email address and name at the subscriber forum. If you know php and mysql programming then you can used it. If you don’t know then there is some site which provide freely. I suggested you that always used subscribe bottom on the top of homepage.try to collect more visitors email address and get more traffic.

2. Using tell-a friend- script:-
I request to offer some of free e-books to your visitor. So they can download and leave some friends e-mail address. For e.g.: if you used follows methods then I will guaranteed that they leave friends email address. “Tell a only 3 friends email address about this site and claim value $87 e-book free.” If you are confused how to make e-books then I will help you or contact me.
It is one of effetely methods to promote.

3. Using forum:-
You can discuss or comments about different topic of the forum. By providing backline of you sites name. if you post more comments or feedback about different topic then there is more promotion. Don’t copy and paste other comments because forum master may terminal you account and kick for the site. Always post unique topic on forum so that most of people came to you topic for discuss. If you have part time then always imagine for strong topic and used it on online.
4. T-shirt marketing:-
For this marketing you should expenses some amount on t-shirt & printing. If you have old t-shirt and clothes then you make printing it with stylist site name on the back of t-shirt. So other can copy it. Or can also provide t-shirt as a prize to your regular visitor at a monthly. Or make a program of lucky visitor of this month give it.

5. Article marketing:-
If you have the habit of writing articles then that is plus point you to marketing your products and service. You write different topics of article of you sites or products. And submit to the blogs directory. in this process don’t forget to give backlink of you sites. Make of habit of writes toy sites reviews and submit it time to time. Another thing is that always write a articles as a present situation of you products or goods even sites.

For eg:- you site is about medicine or medicine shop then you should talk about different disease of present time like:- birdflue,hiv,sarce and also its medicine so other can go on you sites and buy it .

I am a student and struggling for bright career in online marketing company so please must reply me your experience about these articles if you feel good by my solution. It will motivate me.