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How to used auto-reply message on Gmail.

Posted by becks | 4:49 AM |

This tips is special used for organization or vacancy announced organization or office. In this auto-reply section you can promote your WebPages or blogs or even face book MySpace. Or hi5 also etc. the procedure are as follow:-
Ø Go to and log in your id and password.

Then click at settings which are on the top of your account screen
Ø Scroll down and select “vacancy on” button.

Ø Click at yes check box.

Ø In message box write your auto reply message or sites, blogs,hi5,myspace address button.For e.g.:-“thanks for your mail I will back as soon as possible “or “check my profile

Scroll down and click at save change button
Ø Now you auto-reply message have been created. You can also try in yahoo, msn or other.
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