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CO.CC is Free domain website

Posted by becks | 11:33 PM |

CO.CC Free domain website also provide CC.CC free domain name for all. The CO.CC company main branch in Korea. This domain is most popular domain name in internet world. This domain like a .COM free register to get ( or No Ads and Full DNS control. Create free web store payment made to your Pay pal account or Google Checkout account.
This company recently introduce free CC.CC domain name for web business. It's simple to register. Easily create a CC.CC account in less than 2 minutes. The CC.CC service is FREE and get your Web store name.

A CC.CC Web Store you can use to sell your product or service using CC.CC domain. A CC.CC Pay Gate you can use to simply collect payment from your customers. This service is great for quick and easy payments made to your Pay Pal account.

If you want to collect money, just make a quick Pay Gate link and ask your client to pay you via credit card or pay pal account. You can collect payment for just about any product or service. This domain name very helpful to develop your web business.

You can reffer this domain to your friends or others get paid 0.10$ for every free domain registration. Sell any domain name get 40% commission via pay pal account. Learn more how to earn CO.CC referral income.

Benefits of CC.CC:
Get your CC.CC domain name using minimum 1 years or more.
No Ads on your website. 
URL Forwarding Service available. That is, Already you have website from blogger, wordpress or others, you can easily forward your site link to CC.CC domain. 
Create Online Web Store or Web Business.

yahoo business affected by economic crisis

Posted by becks | 9:28 PM

well yahoo one of multinational internet company got affected by economic crisis. yahoo has got lose on those day. and one think is that yahoo is going to band this economic make great defection the world . from msn to hight company get big affected . but one this is that google is that kind of company which have not fall those day and it is going to increse advertisement owner.