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impress girls hahahaha Im a , a jr in high school. 1. you need to be yourself (ya ya i know, but its completely true - s dont ask for to date one who is fake, plus it wont be as fun for either on u) 2. smile and laugh and dont be pessimistic. 3. Start nice, easy prepared conversations provided s you are interested in - the best way to do this is if they are in your lesson and ask them about something or ask them to explain something and when that happens act ually trifling attention and not just becoming at them. 4. when a is operating to you... watch at her (in the eyes haha) and LISTEN to what she is saying and comment going back to still be the conversation going. 5. go out and meet people, go to sporting occurreneces and have ur friends introduce you to people. 6. flirt with a person subsequent to you suffer someone gotten to can appreciate them - show them your charm and joke nearly with them.Good Luck!!I wish all jr guys knew how to really do to get a

how to attract girls in high school