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how to impress a girl at school

Posted by becks | 1:29 AM |

Ok man i am going to tell you this yet so listen. The most impressive thing you can do for a girl is BE YOURSELF!!!!! be honest, be friendly, and always tell her the truth. AND IF SHE ASKES YOU IF YOU LIKE HER. TELL HER YES!!!! If you do too she must ebb head over heels for you. And if your buds make fun of you notify them vastly hey atleast i got a girlfriend and you don't. Good luck bro (how to impress a girl at school)

First of all there certainly isn't a want to imress her just be yourself. Second, who cares what your friends be sure you like her right? If you do subsequently they shouldn't matter. Just talk to her get her number to text/call. Hang out a little. And if you already do this afterward just go for it! Remember to be yourself, and if she doesn't appear obtainable she possibly isnt worth it. There are plenty of other fish in the sea.(how to impress a girl at school)

if u especially like her u shouldnt b worried about how ur friends think. im in 8th grade and i just like a guy to be himself just about me. just talk surrounded by her. make her laugh. get her number, text her and get together on the weekends. it should all run smoothly from there. and ur friends will b jealous when shes goin out with u.(how to impress a girl at school)

I think it would be so adorable if you gave her a flower or Other candy and a sweet note. I love a teddy bear type of guy. Maybe you could open a door for her on the way into school if she's behind you. I guess that may be sweet.(how to impress a girl at school)

don't post a damn of what your friends thinklet them get fat gfjust ask her outand seriously dont give a crapby the way you never know how ur friends ARE gonna say(how to impress a girl at school)