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Online Tips Guru: How to Repair your Corrupted SD Card? Web Informer Button

If your aim is to repair a corrupted SD card so that you can use it to store files then proceed to step #2.
If your aim is to recover the files on the SD card without erasing them, proceed to step #5.

Insert the SD card into a digital camera card slot and choose to format your card. If this doesn't work then move on to the next step...

Place the SD card into your computers SD card slot.
Right click on the SD card drive letter IF it appears and choose to "format."
If this doesn't work, proceed to the next step...

You will need to go to the website
Here you will download, install, and run the program to format your SD card. This is the most advanced step of the three, but most likely to work 99% of the time.

If you want to recover files ON your SD without erasing them, then you need to download and run the software on this site.
This is the best free software available for this type of problem.

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