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Today I am going to teach you how to track strange email and find out the place where he/she has been sent

Let’s started

Step 1. For this task got to your or

Step 2. Now I am going to LOG IN my yahoo mail

Step 3. Click “Inbox” open the email which you want to track..

Step 4. In yahoo we will see the "Action" button at right side scroll and click " vi

Step 5. In gmail you will see the " arrow " near "reply buttom click there scroll & click "show orginal"....

Step 6. Now search the word "received:from" by click ctrl + f.

Step 7. Now what you should do is copy the ip address that is (**.**.***.**) as seen above the screen shot .. same process for gmail too.

Step 8. Copy the ip address go to and paste the ip address there.

Step 9. Now you can see the location, country,zip code, time zone as well as area code.

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Do you know how to find pending friends request on facebook? If you do not know then I am going to show you this technique.

Step 1. Go to FACEBOOK

Step2. Click “Account” (Right side of your screen)> “Edit friends”.

Step3.On the left of your screen Click “Invite friends” button...

Step4.Click “view all invitations”

Step5. Now you will see the person emails who have not accepted your friends Request.

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Export Email Addresses of all your Facebook Friends?

Today in this tutorial I am going to show how to download or import your friend’s facebook address easily.

For these methods you should have to familiar with yahoo account.

Either you sign up or get from friends.

Let started

Step1:- Go to

Step2:- Log in

Step3:- Click “Tools” then “Import..”

Step4:- Click “Facebook icons” or other to import from “Gmail” or “MSN”

Step5:- Enter you facebook User name & password

Step6:- Click “okay”

Step7:- Click “Done:” & again click at “Tools”

Step8:- Again click at “Tools”and click “Export..”

Step9:- choose “Microsoft Outlook:” & click “Export now”

Step10:- “Types the words” then click “Export now” then click “ok” for save..

Finally you have got your all facebook friends address!!


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Fotobounce also includes built-in face recognition (similar to what you have in Google’s Picasa Albums) so you can quickly tag photos on the desktop and these people tags will be preserved even when the photos are uploaded on to Facebook.

upload pictures to facebook

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That’s again useful if you want to migrate photos from one account to another.

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New Facebook Groups !!

Posted by becks | 10:04 PM |

faif you are familiar with face book groups the here is new feature added by face book. just check this video...

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Facebook Phonebook displays contacts you have imported from your phone, as well as your Facebook friends. so here is the step that help to find out your friends
phone number

Step.1 Go to & log in..

Step.2 Click on "friends" button at left side of your profile.

Step.3 And then go to "edit friends" as showing below:-

Step.4 You will see "phonebook" on the left side below friends button click"phonebook"

Step.5 Finally you will get the phone number of your facebook friends.

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