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Export Email Addresses of all your Facebook Friends?

Today in this tutorial I am going to show how to download or import your friend’s facebook address easily.

For these methods you should have to familiar with yahoo account.

Either you sign up or get from friends.

Let started

Step1:- Go to

Step2:- Log in

Step3:- Click “Tools” then “Import..”

Step4:- Click “Facebook icons” or other to import from “Gmail” or “MSN”

Step5:- Enter you facebook User name & password

Step6:- Click “okay”

Step7:- Click “Done:” & again click at “Tools”

Step8:- Again click at “Tools”and click “Export..”

Step9:- choose “Microsoft Outlook:” & click “Export now”

Step10:- “Types the words” then click “Export now” then click “ok” for save..

Finally you have got your all facebook friends address!!


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